Should I wash the microfiber cloths?

Yes, you must wash them from time to time to get rid of dirt, germs and bacteria. Soaps and detergents are unnecessary. Simply soak the cloth in warm water (NOT HOT!). The warm water makes the microfibers to expand and uncurl allowing the release of dirt in the water. Rub gently for a few minutes and let it air-dry. Do not twist or iron!

How should your products be used to obtain an efficient cleaning result?

‘Pro-Tektor’ Microfiber Cloth:

Simply wipe the microfiber cloth on the surface you want to clean. If the dirt persists, a drop of water on the dirty area will do the job – or moisten the cloth with a little water and wipe the smudge.

Store the cloth between the screen and the keyboard as it will protect your keypads from getting dust inside.

‘Magic Brush’ – The Retractable Dust Remover:

When dust accumulates and penetrates your device, it can be harmful for the electronic circuits.

To effectively clean your device’s surface and attract dust from hard-to-reach areas, swiftly rub the brush’s bristles on the palm of your hand to produce electro-magnetism. The brush will easily attract the dust particles.

How do microfiber cloths work? Why is there no need of chemicals, soaps, detergents, or cleaning liquids to clean efficiently?

The secret is micro-technology. Each microfiber is composed of synthetic polymers (polyamide and polyesters) weaved together using high-tech micro-technology production to increase porosity and high-absorption.

The main reason why these microfiber cloths do not need chemicals, detergents, or cleaning liquids to clean efficiently are because the microfibers – 100 times thinner than human hair – are able to capture even the smallest microscopic dirt particles, where much larger regular cotton fibers go past.

Microscopically speaking, a piece of microfiber cloth contains millions of microfibers that produce an amazing sticking and dislodging effect that attract and wipe away anything smaller than their size!

Are your microfiber cloths ‘Earth Friendly’?

Definitely! Our microfiber cloths – either used alone or with a few drops of water, powerfully cleans without need for soap, liquid detergents or chemicals.

Remember, detergents and chemicals do not simply disappear into thin air; – they flush down the drains and pollute our rivers and oceans. So, do yourself and the environment a favor and go green!