Luxury microfiber cloth crafted with premium 260 G/SM (grams per square meter) 80% Polyamide 20% Polyester, printed with beautiful designs and finished with a special chamois process for extra-soft touch and high absorption results. Effectively remove fingerprints, oil, grime, smudges, dust, dirt, allergens, pollen, moisture, sweat, and most germs and bacteria – without the need of environmentally harmful cleaning liquids or chemicals! 412 – 482

INADVANCE ACCESSORIES™ provides the best Microfiber Cloth Protection and Cleaning Kit for your laptop and electronic devices, liquid-free and chemical-free!

You can use them not only for cleaning electronic devices like your mobile phones, laptops or tablets – they are also great for wiping dust and dirt off your eyeglasses, cameras, TV screens, jewelry and other delicate surfaces!

Our high-quality, ultra-soft microfiber cleaning products keep your valuables in spotless condition and leaves no scuffs, scratches or damage!

FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, you get the most fashionable, practical and effective set of FOUR cleaning products!

Our 4-in-1 blister pack includes:

2 Premium-quality ‘Pro-Tektor’ Microfiber Cloths

1 Retractable ‘MAGIC’ Brush

1 Ultra-thin Mouse Pad.

Available in beautiful designs: American Flag, Camo Blue, Camo Green, Heavy Metal, Leopard and Zebra. Choose among the variety of gorgeous designs and enjoy our products’ practicality and beauty every time you open your laptop.

Whether to pamper yourself – or as a gift, the INADVANCE ACCESSORIES™ set will be fully enjoyed!